“Cloud of Data” podcast with Paul Miller

January 27, 2009

Old-ish Content Warning!

You are viewing a post that’s more than three years old. There’s a good chance that a lot of the following is seriously out-of-date (or at least not reflective of my current thinking on this topic). Proceed with caution.

I just recently had the good fortune to be asked to be interviewed by the Semantic Web consultant and thinker Paul Miller for the “Nodalities ” podcast. The interview was fairly wide-ranging, touching on some of the specific projects we’re working on at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, cultural heritage ontologies like the CIDOC-CRM, and our work with Thompson Reuters’ language processing tool, OpenCalais . Paul was a gracious interviewer, and seemed relatively tolerant of my somewhat rambling answers. You can find Paul’s accompanying blog post about the interview here . I’ve included the audio of the interview below, but you can also find it at the Nodalities blog , where you will also find a helpful list of links to resources mentioned in the interview.

Cloud of Data podcast

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