I provide digital strategy and management services for museums and non-profits. Here's what I can do for you.

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Digital strategy for non-profits

If your institution is looking for digital expertise, but aren’t sure how you’d afford it, I’m here to help. With 20 years of experience delivering digital experiences as a consultant and in leadership positions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Denver Art Museum, and the Museum Computer Network, I have the experience necessary to make your digital projects sing.

With me, you’ll get more than just a good digital project manager; you’ll get an acknowledged leader in the field who understands how museums work. By leveraging this domain knowledge, I cut out the noise and confusion that can often accompany digital projects. My strategic approach ensures that your project will be both impactful and sustainable over the long term.

As your digital partner, I can work with you on projects both big and small. I can create a comprehensive institutional digital strategy, oversee your website redesign, implement collections or digital asset management systems, or manage the development of exhibition interactives. I can work directly with internal and external stakeholders, and can liase with your board or external funders as necessary. I can also help you to understand what resources you may need in order to sustain your digital mission, and will help with creating job descriptions and hiring.

Below please see a summary of some of the services I offer. Please feel free to get in touch to talk about your specific situation if you don’t see what you’re looking for here.


Digital Strategy and Planning

A comprehensive digital strategy will give your organization the scaffolding it needs to make future decisions about its digital programs. If you’re just getting your feet wet with digital, start here. I will guide you through a combination of interviews, document audits, and sector benchmarking, to produce a plan that will guide the next five years of digital programs at your organization. The digital strategy we develop together will be practical, future-focused, and tailored to your organization’s strengths and goals.

Website Project Management

You know it’s time to re-design your website, but you’re not sure where even to start. How much should it cost? How will we know we’ve hired the right vendor? How will we make sure we get a site that does what we need it to do? I can reduce the anxiety associated with organizational website re-designs by managing the process for you. I will work with you do develop functional requirements, RFPs, and hire the right vendor, and ensure that the website that gets built is the website you need.

Chief Digital Officer as a Service

If you need strategic assistance across multiple projects or for a longer stretch of time, you can hire me for a set number of hours a month to assist you remotely. For those hours, I’m all yours. I can work on specific projects, act as your head of digital, work with you on grant writing, or fill in with other digital tasks as needed. If you want to dedicate me to a specific project or have me work on 10 different projects, that’s up to you.

Collections and Digital Asset Management

You’re thinking it’s time to replace your collections management system. Or maybe you’re thinking about implementing a Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) for the first time. I can help you with both. I will work with your staff to identify appropriate functional requirements, develop RFPs, lead you through the vendor selection process, and manage implementations.