Here’s a selected portfolio of a few projects I’ve worked on at various museums over the years. If you’re interested in knowing more about anything shown here, please let me know!

Crowdsourced playlists for an exhibition, played on vintage cassette walkmans.
Witness Voices
Blanton Museum of Art, 2015
Real-time cross-platform aggregation of visitor responses to an exhibition.
American Wing Interpretive Technology
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2009
Digital interpretive and wayfinding signage for the Met's redesigned American Wing.
A large-scale installation of Time-Based Media artworks.
Blanton Site Redesign
Blanton Museum of Art, 2017
Complete migration, re-design, and re-architecting of blantonmuseum.org.
Ephemera Mobile App
Blanton Museum of Art, 2017
A location-based app that tells a different story every time you visit.
Augmented Reality translations of text in illustrations from the Crusader Bible.
Greek and Roman Study Gallery Kiosks
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2006
Electronic labels and wayfinding for hundreds of objects in the Met's Greek & Roman study gallery.
Art Primers
Blanton Museum of Art, 2017
A novel, context-first approach to online collections.
IMA Collections Management Overhaul
Indianapolis Museum of Art, 2004
Completely overhauling a museum's collections management infrastructure.