Blink! Light, Sound, and the Moving Image

A large-scale installation of Time-Based Media artworks. Denver Art Museum, 2011


Blink! was a temporary installation of over 30 time-based media artworks from the Denver Art Museum’s permanent collection of multimedia art. My team was charged with the following:

  • Ensuring the artworks were functioning properly, securing (often obscure and difficult-to-procure) components to ensure continuous operation;
  • Working with the DAM’s conservators to ensure that the works were conserved in an ethical and appropriate manner;
  • Working with DAM’s registrars and conservators to secure necessary permissions from artists and artists’ estates for making modifications to works as needed;
  • Working with the DAM’s installation crew to install and activate the works;
  • Forging partnerships with outside partners (such as the University of Denver’s Emergent Digital Practices department) to secure additional expertise and assistance as needed.

This was a massive undertaking for the DAM’s small technology team. My role was to project-manage the entire undertaking, mapping out project plans, installation schedules, and budgets. The exhibition was a success, running for eight weeks without significant downtime for any of the artworks.