American Wing Interpretive Technology

Digital interpretive and wayfinding signage for the Met's redesigned American Wing. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2009


This was a four-year project to re-think and re-design the digital interpretation strategy for three key pieces of the Met’s massive American Wing: the Luce visible storage galleries, the American period rooms, and the American Wing elevator and surrounding elevator lobbies. I represented the interpretive technology team from the Met’s IS&T (and then later Digital Media) department. I also provided guidance and strategy for the project in partnership with curators from the American Wing and the primary partner for the project, Small Design Firm. The final project involved creating bespoke touch screen interactives (this was in the days before the first iPad) for the railings of the period rooms, small touch screens mounted to glass cases in visible storage, and dynamic signage inside the American Wing elevator and elevator lobbies.

Luce Center Visible Storage

Elevator and Elevator Lobbies

Period Rooms