What’s the point of a museum website?

April 18, 2011

Old-ish Content Warning!

You are viewing a post that’s more than three years old. There’s a good chance that a lot of the following is seriously out-of-date (or at least not reflective of my current thinking on this topic). Proceed with caution.

One of the best things that came out of this year’s Museums and the Web conference in Philly was an “unconference ” session I organized around re-thinking and re-imagining what museum websites could/should be. It was a great conversation, with lots of interesting viewpoints. I hope to do a longer post about this in the next few days, but for now, here’s the video of a talk I gave at Ignite Smithsonian a few days ago that tries to get at the root of the problem I’m trying to identify.

I only had five minutes, and was still pretty hoarse from MW, but I think the talk still does a decent job of laying out the problem. Would absolutely love input from others on this–it seems to be a topic that’s resonating with a lot of us!

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