Website Project Management

You know it’s time to re-design your website, but you’re not sure where even to start. How much should it cost? How will we know we’ve hired the right vendor? How will we make sure we get a site that does what we need it to do? I can reduce the anxiety associated with organizational website re-designs by managing the process for you. I will work with you do develop functional requirements, RFPs, and hire the right vendor, and ensure that the website that gets built is the website you need.

ManagRe-designing your museum’s website can be a daunting proposition. By leading your website re-design, I can help reduce your costs by eliminating confusion. During the project, I can take the lead on all aspects of managing the redesign, including:

  • Leading the discovery process with your staff, ensuring you’re building the right product;
  • Develop RFPs and manage the vendor selection process;
  • Manage the development workflow between you and the vendor and ensure quality control at all stages of the design;
  • Prioritize your goals to ensure that they are prioritized appropriately in the design.

I can help reduce the amount of confusion and noise that always comes with a website redesign while simultaneously working to deliver a product that you’ll be proud of and happy to use for years into the future.