Mobile interpretation without the information

March 31, 2014

Old-ish Content Warning!

You are viewing a post that’s more than three years old. There’s a good chance that a lot of the following is seriously out-of-date (or at least not reflective of my current thinking on this topic). Proceed with caution.

So, in preparation for our “Third Spaces ” talk at Museums and the Web on Friday, I’m thinking about different kinds of mobile interpretation. Specifically, I’m interested in mobile interpretation in museum spaces that doesn’t rely on conveying information as its primary modality. Here I’m thinking about mobile apps that might allow visitors to control other elements (lighting, ambient colors, sounds) or otherwise experience objects and/or physical spaces differently.

Is anyone out there aware of such a thing? Halsey Burgund’s Roundware platform is heading in the direction of what I’m looking for, but is a bit more of an art object in and of itself. Are there other examples out there? My searches have come up empty so far. Please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Of possible further interest: