“Content is king” and all that noise

April 3, 2014

Old-ish Content Warning!

You are viewing a post that’s more than three years old. There’s a good chance that a lot of the following is seriously out-of-date (or at least not reflective of my current thinking on this topic). Proceed with caution.

So, I figured out that if I put a question mark at the end of the post title, Tumblr enables comments. So all of my posts will have awkward question marks at the end of their titles, which is probably a good thing, actually.

Aaaaanyway, “content is king.” Sure, I guess? This feels like another false dichotomy to me, and the more we say it, the more we aren’t attacking this problem in the right way. This phrase to me contains an assumption that you can either focus on the tech, or focus on the content (with an obvious religious preference for the latter).

I don’t buy it. As museum technologists, we need to start thinking about these as integrated phenomena. As in, there are plenty of people out there focusing on content that is not fundamentally enabled by technology (they’re called curators)–we need to be thinking about content that is fundamentally different from that. Content that embraces scale, diversity, etc.


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